Lubrizol Advanced Materials is a leading global producer of advanced specialty polymers, polymer based additives and chemical additives used in everyday consumer and industrial products like the vehicles we drive, the shampoos and soaps we use, medicines we take, clothes we wear and electronic devices we use.

Trade Names: Avalure™, Carbopol®, Carbosperse™, Chemonic™, Fixate™, Fixomer™, Glucam™, Glucamate™, Hydramol™, Merquat™, Novemer™, Noverite™, Novethix™, Pemulen™, Promulgen™, Schercemol™, Schercomid™, Schercoteric™, SensiMap™, Sensomer™, SilSense®, Solulan™, Sulfochem™, Vilvanolin™