Solvay in the USA is part of the international Solvay Group. For over 150 years Solvay has been developing and delivering innovative solutions to customers around the world in markets ranging from consumer goods to energy. Solvay is a world leading producer of specialty surfactants as well as a provider of polymers, guar and phosphorus derivatives. Solvay products can be found in shampoos, detergents, paints, lubricants, plant protection, mining and oil extraction.

Trade Names: Abex®, Albrite®, Alkamide®, Alkamuls®, Antarox®, Geropon®, Igepal®, Jaguar®, Lubrhophos®, Mackam®, Mackamide®, Mackamine®, Mackanate®, Miracare®, Miranate®, Miranol®, Mirapol®, Mirasheen®, Mirataine®, Polycare®, Rhodacal®, Rhodafac®, Rhodameen®, Rhodapex®, Rhodapon®, Rhodasurf®, Rhodaterge®, Rhodiasolv®, Rhodoclean®, Rhodoline®