George Claytor Memorial Scholarship
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George Claytor Memorial Scholarship

  • March 7, 2017

George Claytor Memorial Scholarship
Sponsored by Walsh & Associates, Inc.
Presented Annually at the February SLPCS Meeting

Walsh & Associates’ commitment to Community Outreach takes many forms; however, the one most special to us is our sponsorship of the George Claytor Memorial Scholarship which serves to underwrite an academic course for coatings industry professionals.

As time goes on we realize that many do not recognize the name George Claytor so allow me to give everyone a brief background.

Robert Walsh, Arthur Schmidt, and George Claytor formed Walsh & Associates, Inc. in 1968. The three St. Louis businessmen worked for Ashland Oil Company, which acquired the St. Louis based chemical distributorship, Harry A. Baumstark Company, where they were employed. These three early industry pioneers where known for their honesty, integrity and ability to get the job done. The commitment of George Claytor to join forces with Bob Walsh and Art Schmidt helped give Walsh & Associates, Inc. immediate acceptance since George was so well respected in the Paint & Coatings Industry.

We are very proud of our heritage and pleased to present the George Claytor Memorial Scholarship Award to Nate Perkins of PPG Industrial Coatings. Congratulations Nate and thank you for your contributions toward the advancement of the coatings industry.

February 21, 2017 presented by Laura J. Pfaff on behalf of Walsh & Associates, Inc.