Specialty Minerals, Inc. (SMI) is a global producer of high performance minerals: talc, precipitated calcium carbonate, ground calcium carbonate, lime and dolomite. SMI products can be found in a wide variety of applications such as paper, plastics, adhesives & sealants, paint, ink, pharmaceuticals, food fortification, nutritional supplements, specialty ceramics, building products, agriculture, and many more.

Trade Names: ABT®, Albacar®, Albafil®, Albaglos®, CalEssence®, Dolofil®, Dolorcron®, Hi-Pflex®, Marblewhite®, Microbloc®, Microtalc®, Microtuff®, Optibloc®, Pfinyl®, Polybloc®, Sericron®, Super-fil®, Super-Pflex®, Talcron®, Thixo-Carb®, Ultra-Pflex®, Ultratalc®, Vical®, VICALity®, Vicron®