ICT offers a wide range of surface modification technologies including specialty polymers and surfactants to provide benefits such as repellency, surface wetting and leveling, dispersion, crystal modification, odor neutralization, and cleanability. Headquartered in Cartersville, Georgia, ICT caters to customers in industries such as HI&I, Paint, Coatings, Ink and Adhesives, Textiles & Leather, Personal Care, Agriculture, Paper and Water Treatment.

Trade Names: Flexibrite, Flexicare™, Flexiclean™, Flexicon™, Flexiguard, Flexipel™, Flexishine™, Flexisorb™, Flexisperse™, Flexistat™, Flexisurf™, Flexitreat, Flexiwet™, Thetacare, Thetaguard™, Thetapel™, Thetawet™