As one of the world’s largest surfactant producers, Stepan offers a wide range of surfactant chemicals, including a full line of anionic, cationic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants, as well as blends and specialty esters. Commercial and industrial applications range from foaming agents for shampoos to emulsifiers for agricultural insecticides to agents used in oil recovery.

Trade Names: Accosoft®, Alpha-Step®, Ammonyx®, Amphosol®, Bio-Soft®, Bio-Terge®, BTC®, Cedepal®, Cedephos®, Lathanol®, Makon®, Micro-Step®, Nacconol®, Neobee®, Neutronyx, Ninate®, Ninol®, Onyxide®, Polystep®, SO/SAN®, Steol®, Stepan®, Stepanate®, Stepanblend™, Stepan-Mild®, Stepanol®, Stepanquat®, Steposol®, Toximul®, Zelec®, Wecobee®